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Re: TF3D HD port 2/1/09 update

Originally Posted by fat boy View Post
Did you turn off TF3d? I usually don't have too. Did you use Total commander and select all? did you do a soft reset after? This should work, I just used it again this afternoon to get me back to ground zero. I am using a Stock Sprint Touch Pro
yes. yes. yes.
disabled tf3d > opened total commander > selected all except the "notorious 2" (because it errors and i have to start over or reselect all the files after the ones in question anyway) > SR > enable and than it looks very bad. i'm not using stock (ppckitchen) but your other backup worked fine.

maybe i'll re-download it and try again. i'll let you know the results.

EDIT: i re-downloaded. this time i unzipped the folder before putting it on my card it on my card before copying the files to windows using TC (before i was transferring straight from the zip file). you'd think by now better coding to make zip files behave just like normal folders would be in place as zip is a pretty old file format... oh well. everything still looks weird.

ugly. halp!
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