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Ring tone Delay ring please help

for some reason my phone take like 5sec beforeit actually give me a notice saying thth a call is coming in. i had plenty of people tell me why do i wait so long to answer my phone call but i them thth my phone just started ringing and they said from there end it been ringering forever.

i read the registry tweak hack but i dont really understand it so can someone please please help me on this

18-Change ringtone/vibrate/LED flash characteristics

If you would like more control over how your device rings/vibrates/flashes its LEDs on events, you can can change the Script values of these events. For example, for an incoming call performing 'activate device, play ringtone, wait 3 seconds, repeat':

HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0\Script = "apw3r" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

For performing 'active device, set volume to 33%, play ringtone, set volume to 67%, play ringtone, set volume to 100%, play ringtone (no repeat)':

HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0\Script = "ac33pc67pc100p" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

The following are the full codes available to you. Please note that all the codes are executed simultaneously except after a ringtone play / wait code. E.g. 'v1p' will vibrate and play at the same time, while vibrating for 1 second. But 'pv1' will play the ringtone through all the way first, then start vibrating for 1 second.

a = activate device
cN = set volume to N in percentage max volume
fN = flash notification LED for N seconds
p = play ringtone. Note that this will play the ringtone all the way through before continuing with the next code.
r = repeat. Note that this should be the last code in your Script string, if used at all.
vN = vibrate for N seconds
wN = wait for N seconds. Note that the device will wait this long before continuing with the next code.

NOTE: I tried this on my 6800 and changed the v0 to v1 and now it doesn't have just one long vibrate. v0 sets it to vibrate always.
thth the registry tweak hack i dont really understand it .
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