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Re: TF3D HD port 2/1/09 update

Originally Posted by smotrs View Post
Nahh, we still won't care.

Seriously though, It's working great at this time. I haven't resolved the issue with TeleNav as I haven't been able to find the proper DLL file which is not included on the phone. I suspect that it exists on a full installation but not a pre-installed installation. So if anyone with the full installation could check their Windows directory for a library file which resembles the following,
we could add support for the Sprint Navigation to Footprints.

By the way, the is not necessary on every phone. Install the Footprints CAB first and if it does complain, then add the I ended up HR my Sprint Touch Pro and reinstalling and didn't need the to install and run it.
Thanks a lot for your help and information, your review at XDA helped me want to install this. I appreciate your efforts and even the spank you gave me yesterday when I didn't read the thread, LMAO, sometimes I am a lazy ***
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