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Re: TF3D HD port w/landscape 1/28/09 update

I just did that. I still couldn't find it. File 08a608eb_manila is the stocks icon when inside the glass slider. I can not find the icon for the slider when it is not selected. That graph icon is just way too big compared to the others. Again, shrinking 08a only shrunk it when selected. I looked through every file for a white images that was 64x64, then extracted it and looked at it blown up so I can tell what it is. Only that one was the graph, and it was selected-only. I also looked at all 128x128 for the hero icon and could not find that either.

As for the highlight bar that is too tall, there is no way I could tell which image that is (since it is only a sliver) without a ton of trial and error. Someone should find it and fix it now that almost everything else is correct. I can see people not being picky about the stock-icon being too big, but the oversized highlight is a definite error as bad as the stretched weather/call man.
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