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Re: Adding audio out to a cheap dock.

OK big big problem with this dock.

For some reason when I have it plugged into the wall to charge the extra battery slot and into my computer it feeds power back into my system!! WTF? There should be no connection between the two if the description of the item is correct.

"USB cable sync & charge phone ONLY. AC adapter charge 2nd battery ONLY."

But for some reason after I turn off my computer my PSU is lit up and my power light is on and so are my fans. Once I unplug it all the stuff shuts off. It took me a hour just to get my computer to turn back on after I figured it out. After discharging the system windows booted like molasses. Normal boot time 45seconds. After cheap dock 5minutes. I smell a lawsuit if my crap is fudged up. OK off to do some stress tests to see if anything is failing. People DO NOT BUY THAT DOCK. It is sold on Amazon and other places.
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