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Re: TF3D HD port 1/23/09 update

Originally Posted by dcperdue View Post

When you install XBmod HD MANILA phone forces you to reboot. Upon rebooting it loads the auto loader so I went ahead and installed the other 2 cabs rebooted and now its back to the origional tf3d.
Screw this its a buggy pos. Landscape is messed up. and its slow. And when you try to add a program you cant click anything. Settings you cant click anything.

Complete waste of time as I had to reflash because YOU CANT REMOVE IT CLEAN!

Seriously can the OP's revise there posts when there is known issues and stuff so people dont waste their time? And if we have a new all in 1 cab why not remove the old ones eh? I am sorry but my time is important to me and ive just wasted an hour of it. An hour I did not have to if somone would of posted known issues.
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