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Re: TF3D HD port 1/23/09 update

Originally Posted by fat boy View Post
This is VERY cool and holds alot of promise for those that want the upgraded Weather, Stock, Tab editor and other functions that came with HD. Here is some screen shots from his page and the link. Make sure to go over there and give him some feed back and thanks.

Updated feedback and issues:
-You CAN"T get just individual tabs at this time and those that have tried to install just one tab have crashed their phone.
-There is NO landscape support, but landscape still functions for texting and such. there is currently a landscape option being created and tested.
-seems to be faster.
-long install about 10 minutes, so just wait.
-the background4all tabs is pre-installed.
-most, not all, of the customize cab and edits that worked for the stock TF3D also work for HD TF3D.
-there is an upgrade to get the additional call history, calendar, comm manager and sound tabs added for a total of 15 tabs, but if you install this cab you lose the tab editor in the settings tab. So use Diamond TF3D Config 0.6.7 in order to customize your tabs.
-make sure you turn off TF3D first before install.
-make sure you have net cf 3.5 installed.
-In order to use weather you must frist delete My device/Application Data/HTC/databases/forecast_cache.db
-In order to avoid a midnight shut down of TF3D uncheck today time out under settings.
-Here is a quick (older) video, thanks cornelious2
-Uninstall sometimes works easy and sometimes you need to "Re-install to actually uninstall, so far this is the only way its worked for me on a stock rom.
-To see a bunch of screen shots of all the tabs and some sub menus see post #87
-I have some theme colors and files posted in #144
-There is a temporary fix for the weather tab so its not streched out, insall this manila file with total commander in your windows directory and overwrite the current one. 72ac571f_manila see post #188 for the file
-Still need to fix: call history tab is streched out, the call history menu does not respond, the sound tab will not go to the bottom, fix tab editor when the additional tabs are installed, Get landscape fully functional.

HOW to install:

-close Manila (Uncheck touchflo 3D from today)
-install XBmod HD MANILA into device not internal storage!!!
-wait more than 10mn for install
-install xbmod fix
-install XBMOD autoloader
-touch the today screen

the author xboxmod has given permission to post the cabs here. Check the xda thread for the lastest files, the author has been pretty active and deserves our support and positive feedback. Please consider supporting his efforts.

-Fixed stock tab thumbnail
-music tab list
-program tab list
New loader:
-new autoloader fix clock freeze
-install XBMOD then reboot
-touch today screen & wait manila boot
(if it won't work this is related to netcf try to reinstall net framework 3.5 from here or remove netcf 2.00 )
if always won't work reinstall loader 0.4

-Fixed Clock Freeze for some roms, not Sprint stock rom
__________________________________________________ _________

A benifit of this compressed cab is it is using less space and may be faster and there is only one cab istead of two (fix1.8 and Auto loader fix) update cabs. Here is the install method. DHarvey has given permission to post his cab here. If you use this please give feedback and thanks to DHarvey on Post #162
Released V1.8.1. Now includes the Autoloader so you only need to install a single cab file.

If you have already installed another version of the HD manila to date, you will have to hard-reset before you can use.


This is ONLY 1.8 combined with the autoloader cab so that you only have to install ONE cab. Nothing else has changed.

NOTE:: This cannot be uninstalled! Since it seems that most versions of manila did not like to be uninstalled, the cab file has been made so that it cannot be uninstalled.

__________________________________________________ _________

fat boy/
I usually don't ask for thanks but I have put a lot of time testing and working on the improvement of this HD port, so if I helped you please hit the thanks button.

When you install XBmod HD MANILA phone forces you to reboot. Upon rebooting it loads the auto loader so I went ahead and installed the other 2 cabs rebooted and now its back to the origional tf3d.
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