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Re: TF3D HD port 1/23/09 update

I have tried reinstalling multiple times now.

1) Instal HD M 1.8.1
2) Install 15 tabs
3) Use TF3D Cfg. to hide Sounds/Comm and to move call history to the 3rd icon and calendar to somewhere in the middle.

Everytime, I only get 11 icons. The calendar and call-hist overwrite what was in that position.

Please, if someone has their HD icons with the first 5 = Home, People, Call Hist, SMS, EMail. And the last 2 = Settings, Programs (I don't care that much about the order of anything in the middle), then please post your 26948339_manila file for me.


Oh, and FYI: landscape kinda works like I want (no landscape at all) except that it does switch the portrait manila in a landscape view with the right side of the screen empty and the bottom cut off for a second, then it goes back to notmal portrail manila and works great even with the keyboard out. I love it, just wish it didn't glitch for a second when the keyboard is first opened.
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