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Re: Can someone make a custom cab for me? *disable xt9*

Originally Posted by tmz View Post
Look here this will do it . Hope it Helps.

Thanks T M Z

If you are looking for an easy way to make an cab installation file then look no further. Cab-O-Matic is the first online cab maker for windows mobile. Its in beta and is online now.
Use of Cab-O-Matic is simple:
  • Zip up the files you want cabbed (including optional .reg file)
  • Upload the .zip
  • Click a few boxes
  • Download your .cab!
Limitation : Currently, you can only use DWORD and STRING as datatypes for registry settings. Support for binary and multi-string datatypes will be along shortly! Finally, you cannot currently define program menu shortcuts.
check it out here >>> Cab-O-Matic
check the related post section for offline cab creation options.
That's pretty cool.
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