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Re: TF3D HD port 1/19/09 update

For those of you having problems uninstalling this, I found the oddest occurance. When I uninstalled I had the same problem most are would do it, but still remain in the programs list. On top of that, I couldn't reactivate TF3D on my today screen. So I said screw this, I'll just re-install the HD port.

Lo and behold, re-installing after uninstalling the bulk of it totally uninstalled the program. Not sure why, but it worked for me. Just thought I'd share my experiences in hopes to help someone out having similar problems.

Edit: I totally re-installed the HD port and attempted to un-install again. Following these steps replicated a total un-install of the HD port and allows the original TF3D to open and work properly:

1. Start>Settings>System>Remove Programs
-Remove any fixes or tabs you installed.
2. From Remove Programs
-Uninstall Xbox's Manila
-You will get a prompt that it could not un-install all the way.
3. Navigate to where you keep the .cab file of the HD port and re-install
-A prompt will come up asking if you want to do this. Click "yes". Another prompt will come up saying the previous version could not be un-installed, would
you like to continue? Click "yes"
-It will attempt to re-install and for some reason end up un-installing the program.
4. Restart your device

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