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TF3D HD port 2/18/09 update

To get the absolute best off your touch pro I recommed the energy is what I had always been looking for out of this thread, just unbelievable!

Here is the developement of HD for the Sprint Touch Pro stock rom which includes the upgraded Weather and People Tabs, and the additonal Stock, Calendar, Sound, Comm Manager, and Call History Tabs for a total of 15 tabs. The FootPrints Tab is on the way. It also includes Tab editor, extended multi-appointment and other special functions that came with HD.

Updated feedback:
-My review and information is for the Sprint Touch Pro stock rom. This does run on some custom roms.
-IMO this is a great noob install, easy, picks up a lot of features and speed, there are numerous easy themes to install, and you don't have to flash or unlock your phone.
-the full HD port of TF3D is a LOT faster and smoother.
-the background4all tabs is pre-installed. there are a couple themes where will not work because of the old style clock.
-most, not all, of the customize cab and edits that worked for the stock TF3D also work for HD TF3D.
-Do NOT use the cab that installs all the US cities into the weather database, this will screw up your tab layout. Instead use the where you have to manually put each city in, then it will work fine.
-In order to avoid a midnight shut down of TF3D uncheck today time out under settings.
-Basically if you want to uninstall you will need to hard reset and start over
-Again make sure you backup your stuff, especially if you're a noob, and be prepared to maybe have to hard reset. NO stupid comments about loosing information.
-I have posted STOCK themes for your pleasure, starting in post #696 and here
-Here is the post with screen shot and links for the updated COLOR task bar icons
-Here is a link for some custom icon colors starting on post #999 i.e. neon, red, grey, blue etc.
-In order to fix the weather tab use this link. this makes all the graphics look and work perfectly i.e. the wiper during the rain.
-Here is a link for actions screens that will match your theme.
-To change your text message font size on the fly see cab in post #258
-For those using different languages than english you need to install a language fix for the weather tab, it can be found here.
-Landscape is available in the new Touch Pro 2 port.
-Please try to read and search the thread before asking questions that have been answered. If you have a question or problem please try to be complete in what you are facing, list: Rom, phone, other installed software etc. Usually the problem is in the details so the quicker you list them the quicker it will get resolved. Use screen shots where appropriate.

HOW to install:
-Hard reset to stock rom strongly recommended!
-Turn off TF3D
-Install net cf 3.5
-Go to start/settings/system/power/advanced/ and uncheck all boxes. Go back later after full install and reset to what you want
-install XBmod HD MANILA V1.8.5 into device
-about a 10 minute install
-it will ask you to restart now, yes restart, wait be patient-its loading a lot more. You will see keyboard a couple of times and see a "Unable to Load" screen.....just wait and don't panic. This is NOT an "issue" or a "bug" it is what has to be done in order to use HD that was designed for a phone without a keyboard to be used on a phone with a keyboard.
-delete the My device/Application Data/HTC/databases/forecast_cache.db file BEFORE you use the weather tab.
-Go to the settings tab and click on "Customize Tabs" and you can turn on or off the tabs as you like and rearrange them.
-At this point your new TF3D HD should work perfect and before you load programs or customize go get familar with it, then you can begin to customize. Be aware that some customizations just are not compatible, in particular other 3rd party landscapes will SCREW this up!
-You will notice in task manager that you have an icon that is called "Start", this is Manila HD, if you close it you will close TF3D. I recommend going to start/settings/system/task manager and highlight and hold on "Start" and choose exclusive. This will remove it from the list and stop you from accidently closing it.
-You can now go back and correct your power settings to what you desire.
-Landscape is still usable but not as functional, particularly you can't move around in it. If you wish, you can now load the alpha landscape, I currently do not use it and would not recommend it. Make sure to turn off TF3D and then install.

Change log:
2/18/2009 - the Touch Pro 2 port is out but needs a lot of work here is the links. or at XDA

2/17/09 - 7 stock and 2 custom themes have been uploaded to be used on any phone using XBOXmod HD port

1.8.5 compressed
-2 appointment on home page 5 on scroll
-Weather tab pictures resized (thx Xefiant)
-call history tab fix
-comm manager tab fixed (real tab now, not linked to settings tab) thx NisseDILLIGAF
-audio tab (not linked to settings tab)
-rearrange tab show all tabs

How to install
-Disable TF3D today plugin
-Install attached 1.8.5 cab

-Combined all current cab fixes and upgrades to one cab

-Fixed stock tab thumbnail
-music tab list
-program tab list
New loader:
-new autoloader fix clock freeze
-install XBMOD then reboot
-touch today screen & wait manila boot
(if it won't work this is related to netcf try to reinstall net framework 3.5 from here or remove netcf 2.00 )
if always won't work reinstall loader 0.4

-Fixed Clock Freeze for some roms, not Sprint stock rom
Attached Files
File Type: cab (2.58 MB, 645 views) Click for barcode!
File Type: zip XBmod HD Manila 1.8.5 (4.40 MB, 1341 views) Click for barcode!
Good Luck,
Fat Boy

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