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Originally Posted by hpnasik
There is a cab file which gets installed into Mogul and that Cab file have 2 file

1. PPSt_Keygen.dll
2. WriteDMData.exe

means WriteDM is Writting the SPC with Help of PPSt_keygen.dll

here PPST_Keygen must be Calculating some Logic on ESN and should be Producing the Exact ESN which was Company were Provided, here We can learn the Logic of Sprint that How they Calculate SPC on ESN.

Hello Dissassembler please Crack PPST_Keygen.dll so it only return 000000 value to Exe which it calls so we can means we can set 000000 to Phone

Or Make any Program which can Call this Dll and and Generate SPC as per the Phones ESN???????????
Have you tried to dump the exports on PPST_Keygen.dll?
dumpbin /exports PPST_Keygen.dll or link /dump /exports PPST_Keygen.dll
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