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Re: HOW TO: Recover a Diamond that won't get past the boot screen! (Instructions)

Originally Posted by Glossman View Post
Thank you. And sorry if I reacted a bit strongly, but I've been putting a lot of time into this lately, and I take it personally when my ROM causes a headache for someone. I get a little touchy when I *perceive* that someone is rubbing it in.

I just want to help the user recover as soon as possible, you know?

So, no hard feelings, okay?

On to business! The kitchen I used for the build did incorporate G'reloc, and it ran when I built my Production ROMs. What I'm wondering is how this manifests itself after multiple reflashes, but not after 1 or 2. Almost everyone (including myself) who has experienced this issue has never seen it after a single reflash from the same ROM type. This makes it really hard to troubleshoot.

Thanks again for your help Glossman, you sure did help me have a quick recovery!

I experienced exactly what you said, intermittent issue, even on the same ROM. After I fixed today's problem, I flashed back to your ROM and have had no worries. The first time this happened to me was on Calcu's ROM, so I can't say it wouldn't have happened had I flashed it again, but it seems highly unlikely.
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