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Bricked Phone!? (Verizon 6800)

(currently working on 3 phones at one time replacing screens on one phone...ect) anyways i have another problem for the PPCGeeks family to solve

I have a Verizon 6800
its has the stock BL (TITA100 )

i have no idea what happend to this phone but it was brought to me and i have a grey screen with blue letters it looks like the system restore after a hard reset. the screen says[Do you want to erase all user data and restore to manufacture?]


now i have done both options numerous times and it brings me right back to the grey screen again. when i select yes it asks the input of the [SPACE] button on the keyboard and again the grey sreen

now i have linked the phone to my PC via USB and the computer does not recognise the device so it would be impossible to flash a rom onto the phone through usb .

and i have also formatted a memory card and transfered a stock verizon rom onto it so i can flash from the card. after Renaming the xxxxxx.nbh file to TITAIMG.nbh putting the phone in BL mode the phone started "updating" took about 15-20 mins. after the update was a success i restarted the phone and back to the grey screen again.

any help would be appreciated

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