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Re: WM6.1 build 20931 kitchen

Just want to say thanks for all the time and energy put into this guys! I've installed a new rom on my verizon tp using the kitchen. I just left out tf3d all together and instead I'm using HTChome, just like I'm used to from my vogue. It's awesomely down from about 75% ram (stock) to about 60% ram usage (my kitchen rom). HTChome works great (with one little reg hack to get the weather to download on HTChome). I don't have a link to the HTChome file right now, but it's out there to be had. There are actually many, but I could only find one that would work properly on wm6.1 (I think it was from xda?). Waiting patiently for GPS fix. Keep up the good work ya'll!
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