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No other SDA owners? Some personal observations

I got my SDA just recently-I tend to do that with all of my gadgets as I can't live on the Bleeding edge

Not really givng a review, just some observations after having it for about 2 weeks:

It's lighter than I thought it would be.
The on board memory is very sparse. A memory card is a MUST!
The call quality is great. Granted, I use it for prepaid so I didn't make many calls from it, but the sound isn't watery.
Sound quality is good
Seting up wireless (I use WEP) can be a tiny bit frustrating but it doesn't take too much time. Sometimes I had to input my WEP key a few times and check to make sure a connection is made. I've only tried this on my home network and not at any outside hotspot.

Tis all for now.
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