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Re: Touch Pro Essentials

Originally Posted by GoodThings2Life View Post
That seems incredibly odd. Although the weak signal could have been forcing the radio to poll more actively which is a definite way to drain the battery quicker. Any time it dips to the 0-1 bars, I force Roam Only to prevent the frequent tower polling. This has always been a known problem for HTC devices, unfortunately.

A lot of people are still posting about incredibly unreliable battery life with the Touch Pro too... saying one day it's great, the next it's terrible, etc. This is both with and without all the battery tweaks and adjustments. So bottom line, I think this is more of a hardware issue than software.

Personally, I'm using mine precisely the same as I would have used my Mogul, and I'm having pretty much the exact same battery life... I still take it off the charger around 7am, use it mostly for email and text with maybe 30 minutes of calls/day, and I'm still hovering around 50-60% at 11pm.

My question for you is-- since you installed my cleanup pack, have you changed ANYTHING on your own through Settings, OR through other tweak programs like Advanced Config, Diamond Tweak, Diamond TF3D Config, etc? Have you installed anything? You mentioned Palringo which I know has a tendency to draw a lot of battery power if you don't enable it's power saver mode (it forces the data connection active otherwise, and since the HTC radio isn't very efficient right now, that's a bad thing to do especially in a low signal area).

well I didnt use a cleanup pack I just did the performance and battery tweaks .zip but to answer your question No I didnt make any changes on my own..

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