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Unhappy Re: Grayed out LED notification options fix

Originally Posted by ruskiyab View Post
Not sure how many of you noticed, but the option to flash LED on a new text message, email, voicemail and missed call is grayed out and disabled in the Sounds and Notifications Settings.
Here's a Fix:

If you do not have TF3DConfig 0.6.7 installed, you can change the following registry settings:

Text message LED:
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Email LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Voicemail LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Missed Call LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0
Ok, I followed these manual steps to complete each item listed above. I double checked that I edited it correctly. For me, The LED option is no longer grayed out, but the LED still flashes for everything, even tho the box is not checked for it to flash. Matter of fact, its weird cuz I never had to uncheck it after performing the edits, which leads me to believe that the box was never checked before I preformed the edits but even then the LED has been flashing all along since I got the phone.

Please help if you can. I dont know if it matters or not, but I used total commander to perform the edits and from what I can see, the editing itself worked - shows 0 instead of 11, but its just not working, if that makes any sense? I notice that at the part where I change the # from 11 to 0, theres a box that says Base with 2 circles next to it. One that says Decimal, and one that says Hex. Decimal is whats checked, would changing that help maybe?
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