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Re: Grayed out LED notification options fix

Originally Posted by ruskiyab View Post
Not sure how many of you noticed, but the option to flash LED on a new text message, email, voicemail and missed call is grayed out and disabled in the Sounds and Notifications Settings.
Here's a Fix:

If you have TF3DConfig 0.6.7 Installed:
1. drop the attached tweaks.xml file into Program Files/Diamond TF3D Config/
2. Open Diamond TF3D Config
3. Open the "Tweaks" Tab and check the bottom four options

If you do not have TF3DConfig 0.6.7 installed, you can change the following registry settings:

Text message LED:
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Email LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Voicemail LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

Missed Call LED
AvailableOptions change from 11 to 0

TF3D config is available here
A free registry editor is available here

For those having problems with TF3d Config not working, dropping in my XML file will make it work on the PRO


where exactly does your .xml go?
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