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Re: Post Your Touch Pro Today Screens

just edit 26948339_manila... you'll find it in windows folder..

Edit this...

This is original...


<Page Order="4" Name="" PackageName="HTC" Title="[[IDS_MUSICTITLE]]" ExternalScriptPath="HTC\Scripts\sprintmusic.luac"> <ComponentReference Name="page" Mode9Path="HTC\music.mode9" Component="GizmoRoot" SmartComponent="true" /> <ComponentReference Name="icon_normal" Mode9Path="HTC\icons.mode9" Component="Music_Off" /> <ComponentReference Name="icon_selected" Mode9Path="HTC\icons.mode9" Component="Music_On" /> <ComponentReference Name="icon_preview" Mode9Path="HTC\icons.mode9" Component="Music_Preview" /> </Page>

Remove this...


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