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Re: Android for Mogul

Originally Posted by baingle View Post
i have it installed on my mogul and as of right now, nothing really works. For instance, when i open the web browser it won't connect and you can't back out of it. Actually any application i open, i can't back out of. It looks nice but isn't really functional right now.
Push 'Shift' to back out of any screen. You can get the browser to work if you start up an application that uses data before you start android. The data connection should stay open long enough for you to start using it under android.

Android on the mogul isn't quite ready for prime time, yet. I'm hoping that now that the open source is released we can get up to functionality quickly. First thing we need is to have the keyboard working fully.

Originally Posted by michaelj1981 View Post
can you kinda explain why it works really bad for mogul...but still were do you get to download the file
Originally Posted by michaelj1981 View Post
I would like to get android for my it possible. if so were do i get the file.

another ( if i do install it and dont like it can i install my wm6.1 back on my phone without messing up my phone.
Here is the link: ( ) There are also several threads here in the forums about it. ( The one to look for is 32 + pages long, started back in May or June ) It runs completely from the SD card, and doesn't change anything in memory at all. It's not really 'installed' per se, it just runs in ram from the SD card. The only way to quit it once you've started is to soft reset. Right now, it is really not that useable. Yes, you can browse the web, use SMS, make phone calls, etc. But, you can't save anything, so you have to retype everything everytime. I'm sure we aren't that far away from a full, good implementation of it. ( Crosses fingers. )

I have it installed on my phone mostly for the geek cred.
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