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Re: Touch Pro Release Info (consolidated criticalaudioinc info)

Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
From what I understand and read on these forums, there have been some people who have posted on this forum (that work at Best Buy) that indicated Best Buy marks up the retail costs, so that all the rebates come out to the same cost as going through Sprint. Not sure 'bout this though, I also understand that the rebates are instant vs. mail in.

Thing is, with Best Buy, if you're a Rewards Zone Member, there is a 20% coupon available right now for any smart phone (for people eligible for upgrade or for new lines).

Hope what I'm saying is 100% accurate. Again, I'm only speaking from what I can remember has been said before (but not sure it's all right).
It would be fantastic if it comes out to the same price as buying it from sprint with a new 2 year contract ( after 22months+) but without having to actual deal with the $100 rebate. I would be more than satisfied with that (plus not having to wait until the 2nd or whatever).

The 20% on top of that would be Gravy!