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BuildOS Problem

I am trying to create a rom using buildOS and I have followed these instructions:

The latest installer can always be downloaded at
1) Download and run the installer.

2) Install to the default location.

After installation you should run the Updater found at Start->Programs->PPCKitchen->Updater.

Install all updates related to BuildOS and your device. This step is important because the BuildOS installer does not contain a kitchen for any devices. They are all obtained through the Updater.

Now you're ready to run BuildOS. Start->Programs->PPCKitchen->BuildOS.

You will be greeted with a login screen. If you have a PPCGeeks username, enter it with a new password. If you don't have a PPCGeeks username, enter the name you usually use for chat or email with a new password.

Next you will see a dialog box asking you for a project file. Choose the one for your device.

BuildOS will now open the main window and you can begin choosing your options.

When you're done selecting the items you'd like in your ROM, press the play button and wait for the build to complete.

Now follow the onscreen instructions to flash the ROM to your device. Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 July 2008 23:25 )

The problem I am running into is after the update is done downloading and I click on install to install the update I get this error:

Can't Copy File:
Can't copy file PPC-BuildOs.exe

What am I doing wrong??
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