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Re: WM6.1 - voIP - today screen plugin?

Originally Posted by TechnoHippie View Post
Sorry it took so long to reply... here ya go:

In SIP settings tab:

Provider Name: (anything ya want)
UserAccount: 1747xxxxxxx <-yer gizmo number
Password: <- yer gizmo password
Registar address:
port: 5060
Proxy Address:
port: 5060
URI address:


Outgoing calls using voIP: Whenever available
select the "enable voIP over 3G

hit done.

Now do anything that causes your phone to connect to the internet (like open a browser window)...then open the phone dialer. At the top of the phone dialer you'll see the name you selected (the 1st step here where you selected "provider name".

The only issue I've had is that its very difficult to hear the other caller, and obviously it works better with wifi if you have a fast dsl or cable connection to use. The sound is so low that the only way I can even hear the other caller is to use my bluetooth earpiece and be in a quite area.

I've also got gizmo5 account woking with the pocket pc version sjphone. It was more of a pain in the *** to setup, but the sound quality is excellent. Problem is that it uses 100% of your CPU to run the thing, and it uses the external speaker. I installed BT toggle and use bluetooth with it and it seems to work quite well.

What ticks me off besides the 100% cpu usage and the external speaker is that it's not using the native dialer either, so voice command and all that doesnt work. As you can imagine there are countless reasons it'd be better to use the internal dialer and voIP.

I don't understand why the sound quality is so different, only thing I can figure is that they're using different codecs - and I've attempted to install other codecs and manually editing the ipdialplan.xml file (I think that's the name of it) trying to get the low audio volume fixed, but thus far no luck. There is a thread on howardforms that has over 150 posts in it, and I've read the whole thing several times. Thus far I just haven't figured out how get the audio fixed to where it's 100% pracitial.

If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears!
Are you sure the settings are correct, I couldn't make a call out using it ?
Does it support voip calls over WIFI, or is it just 3G ?
Is it just for outgoing calls only, or both in and out ?

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