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Re: Anti Theft Software

Remote Tracker!

In the event that your phone is stolen or misplaced, you can send it commands via SMS, and it will respond with its current GPS coordinates and how much battery life is left. You can do this via SMS or email. By email, it sends you a direct link to it's location on google maps. You can also have the phone call you at a specific number, so you can hear what's going on around it. Or, if you happen to have misplaced the phone, and its on silent or vibrate, you can give it a command to make noise so you can find it. If you don't want anyone getting into it, send a command that forces a soft reset. (If you have a password enabled, this will lock it immediatley after a reboot) Friends can also send a specific command to your phone to request your current location, which requires your approval to send. Overall, very handy... I've seen other programs that you had to pay for, but this is the first freeware version I've seen that does it all.
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