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Smile Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

I might of come across a possible fix....

After reading on forums for a week... I successfully flashed my xv6800 with sprints 3.35.04 radio and DCDs 3.0.1 verizon rom. Everything worked great except for the gps. It did work but it took forever to find satilites through google maps, and sometimes not at all... when it did finally lock it would stay locked as long as i used it... but onced I closed it and tried it again later in the day... same routine, usually a hit or miss. Anyway I was messing around looking at battery tweaks through through the registry...I noticed the rom installed had already had battery hacks done to it... I decided to undo them thinking it might be affecting performance and possibly be the reason my slingplayer was kind of choppy. Well after I did.... sling was still choppy lol, but gps worked.... all the time, no matter when in the day.. as long as im outside I can get a lock in 15 sec max. No programs to help like gps viewer or quickgps ever needed. Its been working flawlessly ever since those battery hacks were taken off. My guess gps needs a little juice to find satalites, But then again this all could be just luck.. hell its worth a try, i know a lot of you are still fighting with this. Please reply im curious to see if this helps
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