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Re: Official Titan built-in GPS Thread

Originally Posted by phunzoid View Post
i sent an e-mail to HTC today asking about GPS functionality outside the US....below is their response....not sure if it makes sense to me


Hello XXX,

Thank you for sending your email inquiry to HTC today. I understand you have an HTC Mogul on the Sprint network and you wanted to know about the GPS feature. If you purchased the device directly from Sprint, your device is on the CDMA network so the GPS will not work overseas. If you purchased your device directly from HTC, your device will be unlocked but it would need to be on the GSM network for the GPS to be global. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to click onto or which is the customer-based web site.

I hope we have answered your question in detail. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

HTC Technical Support
I got my callback from Sprint yesterday afternoon (Tier 2 support). The rep was 100% insistent that it required CDMA access to use the GPS. Again, possibly party line. But, the rep was not that familiar with the GPS details like we are, and kept stating that they only "supported" the Sprint Navigation option and if I was having issues with other 3rd party apps (like TomTom or even the HTC GPS app) I needed to contact that manufacturer directly.

I'm considering a snail mail letter to Sprint and CC'd to HTC with a more direct question. Hopefully it would get to someone who would know more details. The ideal case would be to find someplace in the lower-48 where there was no CDMA coverage of any kind and at least see if no possible e911 has any real impact.
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