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Re: WM6.1 - voIP - today screen plugin?

Originally Posted by TechnoHippie View Post
What I did was install the wm6voip and voipsetup programs when I used the buildOS kitchen thingy. I setup a Gizmo5 account ( and it works, but the volume is very low. I'm lucky enough to be a grandcentral beta tester ( , so between all of these things I end up with free phone service as long as a wifi is around..hehe. You can tell if the voip is working without the today screen by looking at the dialer. It will show whatever you setup in the voipsetup program intead of your service provider (like sprnt or verizon). If you want to now the settings for gizmo5 in the voipsetup, I managed to figure that one out. As for the other voip providers, I dunno, but apparenlty its possible because I got it working here with this one.
can you get me an invite from "Grandcentral"...
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