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Re: Tutorial: USB DUN with "Wireless Modem" app on HTC Mogul

Yep. I should have mentioned that I did go into Comm mgr, but the Data session wasnt on at all. Sooo, how can it still be on even if it doesnt show any data connectivity within the Comm Mgr? I also disabled my Bluetooth. So I reset the phone so that no connection is active, but only to find out that I go back to WModem and click on Menu->START to use via the USB connection and I get no errors. So I figured it would work now. I connect my USB cable and click on my Wireless Connection to dial #777 only to get this error. Some type of FLAG is telling it that the Data or Bluetooth connection is still active. Im guessing here.

Hey at least my ICS still works.

I noticed that on my XP computer, the DUN decided to activate the Bluetooth instead of the HTC USB Modem.
That problem was fixed.
NOW, the dial up states Error 633 - Modem already in use by another instance. So this tells me that it has to be some sort of flag that is still active. Maybe this gives some insight as to whats going on.

Like I said, using the bluetooth DUN still works, but its too slow. I just rather use the USB Cable for speed!! I just went back to ICS. But would love to make this work....... AGAIN!!

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