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Question Re: Tutorial: USB DUN with "Wireless Modem" app on HTC Mogul

I have it set up like that to share but it is still not working. When I do the test connection on the Xbox it says the network adapter is disconnected. I am going to try and get another crossover cable to see it that is the problem but if anyone has any suggestions to try I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the help.

I do have the internet connection working when I am tying to link the xbox up so it is something in the sharing of the connection that I need help with.

I have checked the cable and it is not that so it must be within the settings of my connection or something.....

Originally Posted by TalynOne View Post
You have to setup your laptop for sharing your dial-up connection. It's pretty easy on Windows XP/Vista through ICS.
  1. On your laptop right click on the Dial-up entry you created for your phone and choose the "Properties" menu item.
  2. On the "Advanced" tab check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection." option in the "Internet Connection Sharing" section.
  3. Under the "Home networking connection:" section choose the network adapter that is connected to your XBox (Most likely labeled as "Local Area Connection").
  4. Ok everything
  5. Connect to the Internet on your laptop
  6. Boot-Up your XBox and you should be good to go.

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