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Re: The Seidio 3200MAH Battery or the Mugen 3600MAH Battery

I just got my 3200 battery yesterday. What I found out is that you have to remove the black plastic on the bottom of the battery. This will allow charging (The phone has contacts that needs to be made on the battery case). When I first put the new battery in I got a red LED, After looking at the old battery the new battery has a plastic film covering the back. It needs to be exposed to work properly. I guess there is no mention of this in the install of the new battery by Seidio. I guess that this is on the new battery to stop it from shorting out during shipping. The new 3200 battery has been on the charger since 6 PM last night and it 5:30 AM now it has a green LED. So I hope before you send it back try and remove the black film if thats your problem. If you did I have no answer to your delima. On a new note the plastic belt clip is the same for both cases on the 3200 battery or the stock battery clip with the black plastic cases.

SEIDOSEIDO: please change your instructions to say to remove the protective black film on the new battery before installing the new battery!

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