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Re: Keyboard backlight not turning on after upgrade

Originally Posted by 02840 View Post
I agree with neodorian, it does seem to take longer for the keyboard lights to come on with the new ROM than it used to.

I did have the issue with the front lights not coming on unless it was on external power, but it turned out to be user error - I had the setting for the backlight too low on the battery side so it wasn't turning on any of the front lights or the keyboard. Moved it to 10% or 20% and it resolved the issue.
This is weird. When I play with the slider for the backlight brightness on battery power the keyboard lights will flicker on each time I move the slider and then go out again a fraction of a second later.

They still will not stay on.

At least I know that they physically work. This then points to software or settings with the new ROM.
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