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Re: Droid X and Prepaid

I have a Moto VZW DroidX that I have (somewhat) successfully put on Tracfone using their 'BYOD' program.

I say somewhat because:
- The Tracfone 'MyAccount' app crashes on the phone when trying add minutes and doesn't reliably indicate correct minutes/texts/dataMB available.
- It takes an hour pulling teeth on the phone to Tracfone customer service to add airtime.
- Tracfone's "system" doesn't recognize the hex MEID number, it must be converted to dec.
- There's quite a bit of MotoBlur, VZW and Google bloat on the phone that is of limited or no use to a typical prepaid user.

Other than that the phone seems to work OK but if you want to use any of the normal Android smartphone functions you'll use up you data megs in a blink.

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