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[Free] RPG & Tower Defense Game TD Tower Defense

Want to play RPG in Tower Defense Game? Want to enter the empire battles based among Three kingdoms? Just download the TD Tower Defense to experience them.

Game Feature
1, Zhao Yun, Lv Bu, Diao Chan and other 13 generals plus 18 soldiers fully equipped with super skills get ready to help you unifying the three kingdoms!
2, You must use your wisdom and strategy to better plan your defense to get the victory.
3,The perfect combination of Tower defense and RPG elements lets you show your wisdom here!!
4, 22 levels ,Offline game (STORY ) and online game (ARENA) combined, Arena offers you the real PK experience.

4000 free crystals is for every Player Now!!!

The name and the description on Google Play is Russian but the in-game language is English.

Download on Google Play

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