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no matter what phone ive ever had ive never gotten battery life like aot of you guys do. i dont know how you do but ive given up trying. even with roms i cant. i am on stock wiht note 2 and it is so bad that i can unplug and not touch my phone and it goes to 90 percent with the screen off within 20 minutes . i have sync gps wireless and bluetooth off. and my screen goes black in 10 seconds. one thing is when i go to running programs it shows alot so i use the broom to clean it and then when i check back to ruining programs a minute after, there are lots of apps open again. even things like word with friends that of course wouldn't be open if i didn't open it. have you heard of this/. or is it normal? would you suggest a hard reset? any suggestions would be appreciated. im not as savvy with flashing roms on here as i was with early phones so id prefer to say on stock. thanks so much
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