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Red face Re: HTC Touch Pro 2 keeps rebooting

Originally Posted by HomerKrabbie View Post
So since yesterday I have a major issue with my HTC Touch Pro 2. The phone got stuck while trying to update an app (Modern war). It wouldn't do anything anymore (I couldn't even turn the screen off or reboot), so i had to pull the battery out to restart the phone.

After this my problem got worse. It now continues to reboot, at first the normal HTC screen comes on, after that the second 'htc quietly brilliant' appears and after that it reboots again.

By pressing the power button and both volume up and volume down buttens at the same time i can still enter the boot-menu. Tried every option there, including factory reset, but even after that i still get stuck in the continuous rebooting cycle.

Any idea how i can fix this, or is my (old) phone definitly toast?
try restore the factory setting by pressing send and end key together with power key to restore
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