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Re: Specs

I bought the new Sprint version yesterday- it is the 8XT. No expansion slot for SD and only about 4GB for media storage. It replaced my old Touch Pro/Pro 2. It's also Large, and no holster was available yet at Sprint Store. I am hoping to find a good Phone as Modem app. Shared Internet seguees into Sprint Service adds handily.
2014-12-1 Still got it, 64Gb SD stretches the limits, still no decent holster, Voicemail notifications don't but generally a fine phone. GPS turn-by-turn and media/communications via Bluetooth simultaneously with phone overriding GPS overriding Media. I will never get 8.1 with it, it seems. Sprint insurance has replaced the two I ran over and lost. Windows Phone 8 pretty much does it all and HTC is a great handset maker.
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