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Re: [ROMs][SharkieROM-LTE v2.5-6/7/13][Stock-3.16.651.3-Rooted-4/27/13]

Hello guys, first off I would like to thank Sharkie for uploading these for us. It took me a good minute to find a basic rooted stock rom and I am very glad that you have taken the time and effort to provide this for us.

Secondly, I would like to provide my basic phone info;
Model: Sprint HTC Evo 4g LTE
HBOOT: Previously 1.12, current 2.09(explanation to come shortly)
Bootloader: Tampered, Unlocked (Through HTC Dev)
Security state: S-On
Recovery: TWRP 2.1.1
ROM: Cyanogenmod v10.0

Third, for some reason or another, during the process of trying to flash the stock Odexed ROM, it updated my HBOOT to 2.09... I do not understand why or how though.

Fourth, Every attempt to flash this ROM has caused TWRP 2.1.1 to kind of crash and revert to a splash screen and do literally nothing. Except possibly update my HBOOT.

I wondered if this crash had anything to do with the boot.img file in the zip. When I installed CM v10.0 I had to use FastBoot to push the boot.img file from my computer to get it to work at all. However I did not do so until the ROM was successfully loaded. In this case however, since the ROM does not load I cannot determine if this is the issue or not. I even tried removing the boot.img from the zip and then applying(thinking that maybe it stopped and crashed immediately after failing to write the boot.img) but had no success. I then proceeded to reboot to the system a couple of times and it returned me to a stock CM v10.0.

I have now decided to update TWRP to 2.6.0(why I have not sooner is beyond me) in hopes that maybe TWRP is the issue. So now I am going to cross my fingers and give it a shot.

Once again thanks to all who contributed to this and happy modding.

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