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Re: Earth 2037-2 Reward for New Registers

When a new player built the Commander School, then you can recruit a commander. The commander could lead troops attack and pillage the Barbarians which are outside your city to get resources. It is random to select commander, player can refresh to select more powerful commander, but refresh will cost gold coins.

The competence of the commander includes four parts: ATK, DEF Markup, Research Markup and ATK Markup. The whole amount points of their four parts are 100. At firstly the points in each part are automatically distributed. Once upgraded to a high level, the system will give you 4 points for each level. You can change and enhance one skill with the points, but the total numbers are 100 without change. That is to say, if one skill was enhanced with points, other three skill parts pints will be reduced to keep balance of 100 points.

All heroes in this game have equipment which contains attached skills and hiding attributes. The attached skills have two colors: white and golden. The white icons feature the common abilities and the golden ones feature the advanced skills.

Due to it is random to recruit the heroes, so you may recruit the heroes who are very powerful may not. So you can refresh with gold coins to select powerful heroes. But there is numbers limitation when you make recruitment. When you have only one city, three heroes are available.
If not very lucky to recruit powerful commander, you need to build new cities to create more chances to recruit heroes.

Wish you recruiting powerful and excellent commander at the first time!
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