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Re: Help and Benchmarks app`s on the some other forum

Someone does something and says it work it will be better!
Some members in that all do not see anything (improvement).
Then come with question, is it a placebo or not?

That no one will ever know, forbidden testing and benchmarks are nothing!
- my post is deleted

The only one useful thing with INIT.D, has made something that really works on all ROM`s
Better than all their
or everything I could find there on XDA
- member banned
- same member come with version 7
- member again banned, download deleted

1. Puppy accounts arent allowed on XDA.
Thread closed

2. And with that folks I will close this thread...

And then: this was used by codes from other?
Is the Linux open sources?
If it is!
You have no any responsibility to show to Linus Torvalds of the to gogole.
Almost all, who use Linux take it from his without any ever asking.

2. And with that folks I will close this thread...
- folks do not known
- you and communism, Keep them stupid that you could rule above them
- and of course to say to him we wont you help

I love you XDA stupid folk

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