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Re: Original V7 Rom with some modification.

Originally Posted by noober22 View Post
Dear all, could you please help me?

I had tried a 6.5.0-based ROM. Unfortunately, the phone stopped loading. Then I went to Emergency mode and uploaded this very ROM. Somehow IMEI/MEID cleared. Fortunately, I had made backup of .nvs file.

Now I'm trying to restore, but can't understand how to do it. In NV Editor I read the file. It's being overwritten with the current (empty) values. Then not closing the window, I overwrite the file in Explorer with the copy I have. Then I click 'Write'. At this point the phone reboots immediately. IMEI's still empty.

What you should probably do is go to the "Emergency" section and try uploading your .nvs file from there. I do hope you have multiple backups of your .nvs file, because every time you do a read of it, it will erase the one in the default location with empty space.
I don't have a Fathom handy, but it should be as simple as using the "Emergency" feature to upload it (I'm fairly certain that is how I did it)
If it turns out that you cannot recover it at all, I have the tools required to rebuild a .nvs file from scratch, but it takes a rather long amount of time, and the tools were not cheap to acquire. A simple donation would be requested (not required) to recover it.
However, if it isn't the "Emergency" section of LGNPST, then perhaps the "Data" section is what is used to write it out. It's one of the features in LGNPST, but I cannot currently remember which it is.
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