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[FREE][2.1+] Big Hangman of Fortune v1.5

Hey everyone, just came out with a new game called Big Hangman of Fortune. This is my first foray into mobile gaming so any feedback is definitely welcome. Hope you like it!

Google Play Link

-A Whole New Hangman! A totally original take on hangman complete with lifelines, solve option and the very useful Eliminate Letters mode!
-Gorgeous 3D graphics! You've never seen hangman look so good!
-Real-time Leaderboards! Compete in weekly and daily challenges and win prizes!
-Thrilling Multiplayer Modes! Play versus anyone in the world 1v1 or against multiple opponents in the intense Free-for-All mode
-Over 8 Unlockable Themes! Themes such as Western and Candyland that change the whole look of your game down to Hang-Man's costume.
-Original Soundtrack! Changes with each unlocked theme.
-Earn Coins! Earn or purchase Coins to help you unlock themes, get powerups and enter tournaments!
-Achievements! Over 30 achievements creating different and exciting challenges!

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