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Qwest specific everything

a qwest ppc 6700 (QWEST is not a cell
carrier anymore)
Can you help me?
I know you are probably bored with
these phones and questions. I'm simlilar to the guy who got one at
goodwill, and you said "load some roms!"
I would like to be able to talk on it with a
voip app but none seem to work.
I have what came with it on it, and
Google maps and a chess game and ppc hacks, and opera.
What else can i do with this, because it
only works with WiFi because Qwest is
I cant find anything Qwest specific to
upgrade with, and I'm not understanding some of the lingo. I want to put the
most cool stuff on it I can.
Also it has no storage card and the mini
SD is obsolete, I guess I can get an
adapter. I wonder what's the max
external storage it will recognize. So it's running the most programs it can
right now.
I would like to get the most possible out
of it, just for fun!! I use it at the coffee
I wonder about watching video streams. The you tube apps don't work. Edit Report Moderation Go (0) All time
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