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Re: LG Fathom V6 ROM release thread.

Pizzaboy192, first of all, thank you for your continued support for the custom ROMs on this device. A couple of months ago I read on your blog that you are abandoning the Fathom for the HTC Trophy - I had the trophy since summer of 2011, and was somewhat dissapointed at the lack of basic features/functions that I got so used to in Windows Mobile. That said, the frustration is understandable, as the Fathom is unfortunately not as reliable as some older Windows Mobile devices (for example, my XV6800 is certainly a lot more consistent, much slower, but much more consistent and reliable in performance).

I was having some problems with this V6 ROM dropping the internet connection - this seems to be a problem with the V7 build. I wanted to flash back to V5 - but I was wondering, could I flash back to V5 using the same method as the custom ROM flashing using LGNPST? Also, where could I get a V5 ROM file? I noticed your website had a V5 flash kit, but the link no longer works. Thanks again for your support!
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