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AT&T VS T-Mobile (Who Should I Go With Help Please?)

I found out I'm eligible at both for no deposit/down payment on a contract on both Note 2's?

Already with T-Mobile Prepaid and I really like AT&T's Note 2 cause it goes up to 2100 frequency and has the optional charging pins... Stuck at a dilemma, I love T-Mobile's coverage, but the fact that I don't think their Note 2 is LTE Capable(I may be wrong?) and it doesn't have the optional charging pins holds me back from it, but I also noticed that T-Mobile's Note 2 is roughly 8MPBS Faster, at least the connection is at their location verses AT&T's location and their Note 2. Plus T-Mobile has the no data caps plan... >_<

So topsy turvy!!! At a toss up here. Damn if I could afford to buy an out of contract AT&T Note 2 SIM Unlocked I would and stick with T-Mobile. LMAO! But that's doubling the price.

T-Mobile 29MPBS

Trying to find a users opinion between both carriers. Pro's and Con's?

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