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Re: LG Fathom V6 ROM release thread.

Hello friends, I would first like to thank him for taking Mangatron this post as helpful for people who bought the LG Pathom. I wanted to check because my phone gets the black screen with HTC. I tell you what I did 1-Download this Android 2.2 Froyo on the link, I removed the file and the folder is 2.2, which I copy and paste on my micro sd. 2 - Under breaststroke extremebat001 kernel, extract the folder, open it, copy the three files and stuck them on the micro sd, replacing the old files (although there is still the old haret, but do not use that). 3 - Done all this I unplug the phone, open the files on the SD card, I click on the file CLRCAD (4 or 5 times), and then open the haret-pre-0.5.3-20100629_092009-QSD8250-ONLY, the small black screen with white letters and then goes to the HTC screen with the letters and then nothing .... Please help me to see what I'm doing wrong and correct it. Of course, thank you very much and a big hug from Argentina, goodbye!
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