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Re: How To Install Android On Hd7

One who says you cannot run android on the HD7, is not a real geek. A real geek makes it run! When you say there is no way, the geek makes a way! So the ones who say you cannot run android on HD7 stop saying this and GTFO this forum.
Because one day, as the legend says, there will be a geek of a simple background, from the random time he will come, suprise you all, it will appear as if he is not great, rumors also say he has no life, but he has a life - THIS PROBLEM IS HIS LIFE! SOLVING IT IS HIS LIFE! AND HE WILL SOLVE IT! AS WHEN THIS GEEEEEK! APPEARS AMONG NOOBS, YOU WILL ALL HAIL HIS GREAT NAME, YOU WILL SING THE ODE OF HIM, YOU WILL SEIZE HIS ACHIEVEMENT AND WE WILL ALL PROFIT OF HIS GIFT HE WILL GIVE TO HUMANITY.
Legend also says the ones with bad thounges will be damned for eternity. So choose your words wisely noobs, for the legend is real! No but seriously, please stop saying it can`t be done, I would appreciate your silence, Thank you very much.
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