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Originally Posted by Jeromederick View Post
The retina display is something no other phone has and the fact it's the only phone to have it's very own way of adding media (iTunes). Even though retina display and siri isn't needed in most peoples daily lives but it is convenient.

Also it began as a music device so it's known for being great when it comes to music display and sound quality. Also apps only designed for Apple. I would also like to point out the camera has a stabilizer to help with shaking capturing a video. 8mp is very good but lot's of phones now a days have it. 1080p is full hd so that's impressive.
If you can tell the difference between 306 PPI and 326 PPI I'd be thoroughly impressed.

How does no other phone have their own way of adding media? Google play and Google music cone to mind as comparable in many ways and superior in others.

App selection is a tough argument to have anymore. The most popular apps are dual platform for the most part and for good reason; Android now holds 65% of the mobile market share.

Image stabilization, 8MP, and 1080 HD ate pretty common place nowadays and hardly a selling point.

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