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rom jewel ParanoidAndroid-2.56 12/19/12

skunk piss brings this to the jewel

To be honest, this is not tablet mode at all, it has nothing to do with silly build.prop hacks.

This is the first and only Android rom to feature true Hybrid mode.
This rom lets you scale and project every app, every widget, even systemcomponents individually.
Remember, android is modular, everything is an app: Lockscreen, navigationbar, dialogs, popups, keyboards, widgets, and your regular apps of course.
Apps have the capability to switch into various designs or layouts according to the device they run on.
This can result in a complete new experience as many apps will transform to the better.

Now for every element that you like chose a mode (PhoneUI, Phablet/Nexus-7UI, TabletUI) and/or a size.
You are 100% independent of the system DPI which runs nicely in whatever value it has been assigned to.
You do not need to boot your phone into a certain DPI. Neither will most of the changes you apply require a reboot.
You will not suffer from the myriads of troubles which normally haunt you under build.prop tablet mode.
Your market, phone, etc. will all work, apps won't shrink on you unless you shrink them yourself.
This project will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the feel of your phone.

paranoid android

paranoid v2.56

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