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Re: |ROM|~[LEAD ROM SENSELESS]~|6.5||10-2-11|

I doubt that this post is being looked at very much... but I had a question.

Love this ROM... it's pretty much exactly what I want. However, I can't seem to add any contacts directly to my SIM... I have to save them as Outlook contacts first (which does work) and then copy to the SIM.

When I try to create and/or save a new contact to the SIM, I choose to save the contact as a "SIM contact" and am taken to a screen that asks for the "Name" and "Number" of the contact. However, this screen has no option to actually save the contact (the page only has the "OK" button in the top right corner and the "Menu" at the bottom right... the "Menu" only gives me the option to cancel). It does not save the contact by choosing any of the options ("OK" or "Menu").

If anyone has any idea why it is not allowing me to add a contact directly to the SIM, I would appreciate it. I'm running this ROM on a Verizon TP2 using an AT&T sim card... so I wouldn't be surprised if that has something to do with the problem.
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